Abysmal - Death Metal from NRW / Germany
Antacid - Thrash Metal from Malaysia
Arctic Raven  - Melodic Metal from Remscheid / Germany
Asomvel - Heavy Metal from England
Atlantean Kodex - Epic Metal from Nordbayern / Germany
Attacker – Speed Heavy Metal from USA
Axewielder – NWoBHM Thrash from Brόhl / Germany
Battle Ram – Epic Metal from Italy
Battleroar – Epic Metal from Greece
Chainsaw – Thrash Metal from the Netherlands
Chimaera – Epic Heavy Metal from Dόsseldorf / Germany
Conquest of Steel - Heavy Metal from U.K.
Crimson Steel - Thrash Metal from Augsburg / Germany
Daevas - Black Metal from Wuppertal / Germany
Delirium Tremens – Thrash Metal from Germany
Depredation – Thrash Metal from Mόhlheim / Germany
Desaster – Black Thrash Metal from Koblenz / Grmany
Destrφyer 666 – Black Metal from the Netherlands
Doomsword - Epic Metal from Italy
Double Diamond – Heavy Metal from Belgium
Emerald – Melodic Heavy Metal from Switzerland
Erazor - Thrash out of the Ruhrpott / Germany
Existence - Epic Metal from Germany
Fall of the Idols - Doom Metal from Finland
Free Bears - Rockabilly from Remscheid / Germany
Goathorn – Thrashing Heavy Metal from Canada
Goat of Mendes – Pagan Metal from Wuppertal / Germany
Goddess of Desire – Heavy Thrash Black Metal from the Netherlands
Gorgon - NWoBHM from Japan
Graupel - Black Metal from Aachen / Germany
Hammerhawk – Heavy Thrash Metal from the Netherlands
Hardened Bastards - Heavy Metal from France
Holy Martyr – Epic Metal from Italy
Icarus Witch – Heavy Metal from USA
Ignitor - Heavy Metal from USA
Iron Cross - Heavy Metal from USA
Jaguar – NWoBHM Original
Madbrain - Thrash Metal from Wuppertal / Germany
Madsex - Deathrock aus Remscheid
Magnesium - NWoBHM from Japan
Mercy of Devil - Black/Thrash Metal from Italy
Metal Inquisitor – Heavy Metal from Koblenz / Germany
Metalucifer - NWoBHM from Japan
Minotaur - Thrash Metal from Hamburg / Germany
Mortal Remains – Thrash Metal from Wuppertal / Germany
Mortes Vivendi – Heavy Metal from Hattingen / Germany
Mystery Blue – Heavy Speed Metal from France
Nocturnal – Thrash Metal from Koblenz / Germany
No sissy stuff - Thrash Metal from Andernach/Koblenz / Germany
Obnoxious - Power Thrash Metal from Remscheid / Germany
Orodruin – Doom Metal from USA
Overlorde – Epic Heavy Metal from USA
Pagan Altar - Doom Legende from U.K.
Paragon – Heavy Metal from Hamburg / Germany
Prometheus - Thrash Metal from Bochum / Germany
Sacred Steel – Heavy Metal from the "Schwabenland"
Seeds of baphomet – Thrash Metal from Remscheid / Germany 
The Lord weird Slough Feg – Epic Metal from USA
Solemnity – Epic Horror Metal from Germany
Steelpreacher – Heavy Metal from Koblenz / Germany
Stormwarrior – Speed Heavy Metal from Hamburg / Germany
Strikelight - NWoBHM from Greece
Subcutane – Thrash Metal from Northern - Germany
Tefra - Doom Metal from U.K.
Thee Plague of Gentlemen – Doom Metal from Belgium
The Gates of Slumber – Doom Metal from U.K.
Thor – Heavy Metal from Canada
Titan Steele – Epic Heavy Metal from Itzehoe / Germany
Twisted Tower Dire – Epic Heavy Metal from USA
Unscared – Thrash Metal from Hessen / Germany
Viron - Heavy Metal from Germany
Vortex – Heavy Horror Metal from the Netherlands
Wastoid – Heavy Metal from USA
Witchburner – Thrash Metal from Fulda / Germany
Witch Mountain – Doom Metal from USA
Wizard – Heavy Metal from Bocholt / Germany
Zarathustra – Black Metal from Solingen / Germany
Zemial – Black Metal from Greece  

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