1. Intro
2. Heavy Metal is back from Hell       xx.xx min
3. The Witch                                     xx.xx min
4. Lightning-struck Tower                 xx.xx min
5. Hail to the Hammer                       xx.xx min


recorded, mixed and produced by Stefan Finger and Robin Rosenberg
at the Abysmal regearsal room in 2006/07

Bandpictures by Robin Rosenberg
Livepictures by Klaus and Michaela Engelšnder

coverartwork by Thomas Kuhbier
coverlayout by Daniela Christ, Eva-Maria Schnock

Vocals -            Gordon Overkill/ Sally Steel
Guitar -             Dynamaik
Guitar -             Gordon Overkill
Bass -               Danny D. Sire
Flute/Keys -      Sally Steel
Drums -            Junior

Voice of  the witch -               Danny D. Sire
spoken words -                      Dynamaik
guest growls on H.M.i.b.f.H. -  Stefan Finger
Hail to the Hammer Choir -      Roman "Mophead" K., Stefan Finger and Strongholde